Arvada Works KAPS Council Tests Cradle to Career Simulator

June 06, 2019

On May 23, 2019, members of the Arvada Works KAPS Council participated in a Cradle to Career Simulator to gain a deeper understanding of the critical transition points in the career journey of youth. The workshop was hosted by the Adams County Youth Initiative (ACYI), which works to mobilize and support a collective partnership of stakeholders focused on improving educational outcomes in the community. 

The Arvada Works KAPS Council is a diverse collaborative of key industry partners from education, industry, and local organizations that sets the tone and direction of Arvada Works. The committee provides oversight of efforts and works for improved systems, better communication and a breakdown of negative systems. At this workshop, the committee assumed the identities of a young person or advocate and experienced the Cradle to Career journey of Adams County youth through an interactive simulation. 

Students in the simulator either achieved a successful career milestone or failed somewhere along the way. They were provided one of three paths: 1) zero assistance from community advocates, 2) one-to-one assistance from just one community advocate, or 3) all resources (made available to all students). Areas of need were identified after each path was simulated. It became clear that disparity even in the early years happened so fast and so wide based on the student’s scope of resources. Aligned and consistent investment across the city is critical to balance the career paths of all students. The simulator ultimately helped the committee understand the full impact on students of people in the community believing and investing in them.


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