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August 17, 2016


We’re going to talk about the attraction marketing strategy. We’re going to develop sales messages that magnetically attract the perfect costumers. In this module, we’re going to discover the easiest and quickest way to motivate the right type of prospect to your business, how to create a persuasive and compelling marketing message to your target audience, how to make your business stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

I’m going to give you a list that you can use to make your products or service the clear and obvious choice to your ideal customer. And, last but the least, you’re going to discover the truth about the secret way to break through to skeptical prospects and to have them block them into your business to purchase from you.

Answers This Tough Question

Why should a prospect choose you or your business over any and every other option that’s available to them, including doing nothing? See, the reality is, if you can’t answer that question, then it’s time to go back to the basics and start all over again. You have to be able to answer the question about why a prospect should choose you over any other option, over any other options that they have including doing nothing. This is also known as you’re unique selling proposition or USP. Some places call it the extra value proposition or even the competitive advantage.

But, regardless of the name that you call it, you must have an answer for that all important question. See, here’s some of one the worst and absolutely weakest USPs that I hear. I know business owners who say, they been in business X amount of years. Things like, the lowest price guarantee, or we sell everything, or even satisfaction guaranteed.

Those things don’t resonate with the market place. All the customers here is blah, blah, because every business can say, ‘We been in business a certain amount of years.’ Every business can say, ‘Oh, we guarantee the lowest prices.’ or ‘We sell everything. You’re satisfaction guaranteed.’ Those things do not connect with the specific type of customer, that every business ownership, be going at.

How Do Other Companies Do It

Here are some examples of unique selling propositions, or USPs that really sell. For example, Fed-Ex used to use this one here ‘When it absolutely, positively has to be there the next day.’ Think about that for a second, so we knew that when we use Fed-Ex, we know that, ‘If we knew that there tomorrow, we have to use Fed-Ex’ nothing else, not any other mail service carriers. The things have change now, but obviously back then, that was the truth. So, we all knew.

What about Re-Max, they guarantee that they’ll sell your house in 90 days or they’ll sell it for free. So, if you’re a home owner and you need to move quickly or you got a job promotion or something like that, and you needed to sell your home quickly, they guarantee that they will sell your home in 90 days or you wouldn’t have to pay them to sell it. That’s pretty powerful. However, you should be wary of going into guarantees like that. The quick deadline means they often rush to sell your home and you don’t end up getting as much more for it as you should. In a lot of cases, it’s better to go to a professional home buyer like

What about Domino’s? Their USP was delivery in 30 minutes or it’s free. Very powerful, so if you were hungry and you need a pizza fast, then you choose Domino’s.

These are some examples of USPs that really sell. See, that USP or Unique Selling Proposition that connects with your marketplace can make a huge difference. Raymour and Flanigan, a furniture company in the New England area, guarantee delivery of your furniture in three days or less. Delivery options are always expanding to help suit the customer/consumer, because of this, there has been a change in how deliveries are being made with tracking devices, delivery slots, etc. there is now even an option for drone delivery to be had by some stores. Using drones can help streamline services with websites such as being used to obtain the best drones out there for this.

Every other furniture company was making their customers wait two and three weeks. But, Raymour and Flanigan were able to do it in three days or less. Their USP allowed them to capture a huge amount of the market place by offering a USP that connect it with their target market, that customers are willing to pay a premium for it.

What do all those USPs have in common? Well, they’re in high competition industries and businesses.

So, if you’re tempted to use that as your excuse by saying your industry is too competitive, then look to the previous companies for examples. These are examples of companies that are in high competition industries and they took USPs that speak to their target market. In fact, most target a niche within a niche. So, with the example of Domino’s, not everyone likes the taste of Domino’s pizza, but if you need a quick pizza and you need it right away because you have family, friends, you knew you have to choose Domino’s. This is because of the marketing behind Dominos which highlights this as one of their best qualities, they had a way of picking up on a niche that their competitors didn’t have, making themselves look more accessible to customers. If you are looking for a way to stand out among your competition, for example, if you’re a restaurant, you may want to look to digital marketing companies similar to Conversant to see how you can make a stamp for your business in such a competitive world – see more at

When choosing Fed-Ex as a customer, you may not agree with Fed-Ex’s pricing, but because you need your documents delivered to a destination the next day, you choose them. The same is also true for Raymour and Flanigan, because while everybody doesn’t need their furniture in three days, many customers do and are willing to pay a premium for quicker delivery.

All of those examples that I just gave you share the fact that all three companies sell regular boring products or services. If they did it, so can you. But, you have to take the time to put it together. So, what I am going to reveal to you is five proven USPs strategies that you can use in your business without lowering your prices. The other things that the example companies also have in common, is that most of them charge a premium.

They are not the lowest price leaders in their niches. They charge a premium. So, while there may have been many pizza restaurants, who charged less at that point in time that Domino, those other restaurants would not guarantee delivery in 30 minutes or less.

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