The Power of Joining Your Local Chamber by Kami Welch, Arvada Chamber of Commerce

July 14, 2016



In today’s connected world there are countless ways to market your business. It is a daunting task to fully determine the most effective ways to promote and engage in your community. Where to begin? Who to call? How do you really make an impact? All tough questions.

What if there was a resource available to you that could help to pull all those pieces together? An organization that has people ready to help and meaningful ties to the community. Imagine the potential growth if you could find a way to become a leader in your backyard. A big fish in a small pond so to speak. What could the results be?

Chambers of Commerce have been around for many years and the core value proposition has not changed substantially. The focus is around growing business, connecting leaders and advocacy. What has changed is the way this is achieved. Technology and demand on businesses has pushed Chambers to be innovative, creative and to find new ways of effectively telling the story of the business community.

There are a number of reasons why joining your local Chamber can help you to make game changing strides in your business including:

  • The power of people. In today’s technology based world there is something incredibly valuable about face to face contact. Utilize the community network of a Chamber to grow your database understanding the power of referrals, resources, friendships and more.
  • Build credibility and reputation. Belonging to your local Chamber shows that you value community and have chosen to invest where you do business. This testament is well received by consumers. When consumers know that a business is a member of their local Chamber they are 49% more likely to think favorably of the business and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future (Data from a study by The Shapiro Group).
  • Become a community leader. By stepping up and having an active role in your community you develop relationships, skills and additional credibility. Chambers have ample opportunities and connections to help you leave a footprint.
  • Be a part of a collective voice. Whether it is addressing legislative issues or promoting your community, being part of a collective voice has a huge impact on your business. As the saying goes…a rising tide raises all boats.
  • Develop strong brand awareness. Chambers are considered authorized sources. Utilize this opportunity to brand your business by raising awareness about who you are and what you do. This can be done through digital platforms, events, trainings and more.

Every Chamber is slightly different, but the power of being involved is the same. Take a closer look at the opportunity in your community and quickly understand the value of belonging.


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