A Reminder to Stay Hydrated! by Leslie Burgess, N.D., Calm Spirit Acupuncture and Massage

July 08, 2016

hydrationEveryone has been told to drink more water and stay hydrated, but hydration still tends to be an elusive thing for many people to accomplish. Add living in an arid climate, like Colorado, and it is even harder to remain hydrated. Water is needed by all of our cells to remain healthy.

Let’s take a look at our skin; water is used to produce sweat to cool down your body temperature. It is used in the production of collagen to heal the skin, and aids in providing structure and strength for the top layers of skin cells, thus preventing cracking and intrusion of infectious agents. There are many supplements that include collagen in them to help with healing the skin and keeping it hydrated. Many of these products also help with aging skin, which is more common in those people who are dehyrated. Without appropriate hydration, our body temperature is harder to control, healing scrapes take a longer period of time, and we allow for more injury to our skin and potentially contract more infections. One way to reduce this apart from drinking water is to constantly make use of skin care products such as those from beverly hills md or other similar brands. However, it would be better to ensure that you consult a dermatologist before making your purchase.

It is suggested that drinking approximately 64 ounces a day will help you to remain hydrated. Many offices and businesses will have a commercial water softener system in place so that the water that comes out of the faucets is safe to drink, should you wish to. But there are factors that can impact and change this recommended amount of water. If you exercise, drink alcohol, live in an arid environment, or work in a hot environment– then 64 ounces might not be enough for your daily intake. Using a hydration calendar can be helpful to see added needs. It is also important to take into consideration the health of your kidneys and how much fluid they are capable of filtering. People with under functioning kidneys may need to drink less water a day but will still remain hydrated. If you find that you are sweating or urinating most of your water and remain dehydrated, you may want to add an electrolyte powder such as Emergen-C.

New Colorado and want help figuring out the suggested amount of water to drink during your outdoor activities? Try using this quick on line hydration calculator: https://www.camelbak.com/HydrationCalculator

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