Traditional Networking Group – Thursday Breakfast

The Thursday Morning Networking Group has been around the longest of any group within the Chamber. Meeting weekly at Breadwinners in Arvada, this group connects over coffee and breakfast, followed by casual conversation, group introductions, and a rotating presentation by members of the group. This group knows one another well but are very welcoming and genuinely interested in learning more about potential new additions. This group is primarily B2C and welcomes people who are also business to consumers.

This group meets every Thursday at 7:30 AM at Breadwinners in Olde Town Arvada.

Thursday Morning Networking Group Members

Dr. Seth Chamberlain | ABLE Wellness Center

Phone: (303) 423-5000 | Email address:

Bob Dyer | RCDyer Wealth Management, Inc.

Phone: (303) 423-8080 | Email address:

Mitch Gebauer | Garvins Sewer Service

Phone: (303) 571-5114 | Email address:

Nigel Giraudier | ElectriCall LLC

Phone: 720-879-2253 | Email address:

Rita Lawrence | All Secure Lock & Security

Phone: (303) 667-2736 | Email address:

Melloney Millward | Brinkerhoff Property Management - Melloney Millward

Phone: (720) 692-4691 | Email address:

Ereka O'Hara | HomeSmart Realty Group - Ereka O'Hara

Phone: (303) 898-8787 | Email address:

Shaun Pearman | Pearman Law Firm, P.C.

Phone: (303) 991-7600| Email address:

Deborah Pearson | American Family Insurance - Deborah Pearson

Phone: (303) 423-5854| Email address:

Chris Woodley | Mountain Media Production Co.

Phone: (303) 948-7403 | Email address:

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