Business Champions Program

What is the Champions Program?


The Arvada Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce our BUSINESS CHAMPIONS program! Our work through initiatives like B.O.L.D. 2026 requires a team of business, non-profit and community leaders to play an active role in solving the challenges that are stifling economic strength and opportunity for businesses and families.

Program Details

Who can be a Champion?

  • Business + non-profit leaders (owners and employees) who have passion, interest and perspective on the below-outlined champion areas.
  • Elected officials and policy leaders who have political and social influence over policy decisions.
  • Community leaders who have lived experience in navigating the below-outlined systems.

What are the areas of focus for Champions?

What are the perks?

  • Name and company listed below
  • Emailed updates, data, and stories of impact around your Champion area
  • Complimentary ticket to the Community Impact Forum tied to your champion area ($20 value)
  • Opportunity to provide critical feedback and ideas through regular flash polls and surveys
  • Education and training around how to testify and engage in policy and community coalition building