Our Inclusion Goal


Belonging is at the heart of the Arvada Chamber’s core values and works to serve the Arvada business community. By creating an inclusive environment, the Chamber’s vision in this work is to empower new perspectives, solutions, and opportunities for our local economy and serve as a champion for advancing all businesses and employees in Arvada.

Roadmap for an Inclusive Workplace


In the Arvada Chamber’s 2023 Inclusion Survey, over 50% of businesses answered their biggest DEI challenge was “Knowledge and understanding of how to implement.” Created by the Arvada Chamber’s Inclusion & Belonging KAPS Council, this guide offers tips, tools, and resources for business leaders to assess their workplace behaviors and processes and design an action plan to foster a more inclusive organization.

Our Work

Catalyze a coordinated approach to improve our business environment through inclusion

Work to understand the inclusion barriers and needs in our community



The Arvada Chamber needs to develop and maintain an inclusive internal structure and strategy.

In order to lead by example and support business leaders, the Arvada Chamber must commit to an intentional and strategic approach to fostering an inclusive environment that is representative of the businesses and community it serves.

Inadequate business resources for DEI+B best practices.

Arvada-area businesses lack DEI+B best practices around hiring, onboarding, and retention, as well as the research, training, data analysis, and communication to support those strategies.

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DEI+B Frequently Asked Questions

DEI+B Frequently Asked Questions

This resource is hosted an updated by the Arvada Chamber's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Belonging (DEI+B) KAPS Council. KAPS stands for Kick-Ass Problem Solvers and the business and community leaders on this council will work diligently to advance the Chamber’s...