Inclusive Workplace Pledge

Belonging is at the heart of the Arvada Chamber’s core values and work to serve the Arvada business community. By creating an inclusive environment, the Chamber’s vision in this work is to empower new perspectives, solutions, and opportunities for our local economy and to serve as a champion for advancing all businesses and employees in Arvada. Learn more about our work at

By making a commitment and signing the Arvada Chamber of Commerce Inclusive Workplace Pledge, you commit to being an ally in creating a diverse, inclusive, and safe space for all people in the community. This pledge should be taken by the business owner or president.

The Pledge


  • We will create and share strategic inclusion plans with senior leadership. 
  • We will commit to assessing our workplace’s leadership structure, culture, hiring practices, and marketing in our inclusion and belonging journey.
  • We will cultivate environments that support open dialogue on complex – and often difficult – conversations around inclusion and belonging.
  • We will use our positions and voices to address issues of racism, prejudice, oppression, and bias in both our community and place of business.
  • We will be responsible for ensuring there are no barriers based on economic position, gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic.
  • We will be committed to providing policies, resources, and education for our employees and ourselves on unconscious bias, equity, discrimination, and diversity.

Inclusion Committed Workplaces