Arvada Chamber Announces Inclusive Workplace Roadmap and Pledge

May 10, 2024, Arvada, CO – The Arvada Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the release of the “Roadmap for an Inclusive Workplace” to help guide business leaders through considerations to foster a more inclusive culture and workplace.

Inclusion is a core value of the Arvada Chamber, which strives to empower new perspectives, solutions, and opportunities for our local economy and to serve as a champion for advancing all businesses and employees in Arvada. 

In the Arvada Chamber’s 2023 Inclusion Survey, over 50% of businesses answered that their biggest inclusion challenge was “Knowledge and understanding of how to implement.” Created by the Arvada Chamber’s Inclusion & Belonging KAPS Council, this new roadmap offers tips, tools, and resources for business leaders to assess their workplace behaviors and processes and design an action plan to foster a more inclusive organization.

Included in the Roadmap for an Inclusive Workplace:

  • Local demographics report and self-assessment tools
  • Tips on starting the conversation of inclusion at your workplace
  • An action plan for an inclusive workplace
  • Inclusive talent recruitment considerations
  • Marketing and communications considerations
  • 15 simple actions to be a more inclusive business leader

Learn more and download this toolkit at

In concert with the release of this new resource, the Arvada Chamber has also announced an Inclusive Workplace Pledge. By making a commitment and signing this pledge, you commit to being an ally in creating an inclusive and safe space for all people in the community.

This pledge should be taken by the business owner or president. Your business name or logo will be featured on the pledge page and at We will also send a badge for you to add to your website.

Learn more and sign the pledge at


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