Crime & Safety Program


The safety and security of Arvada’s businesses is critical to the overall well-being of the community. Crime can have a significant impact on businesses, from financial losses to damage to their reputation and employee morale. In addition, crime can lead to a decline in the community’s economic growth and quality of life. Therefore, it is essential for communities to focus on decreasing crime on and in businesses, not only to protect their financial interests but also to ensure a safe and thriving community. By implementing measures to prevent and reduce crime and increase public safety, communities can create a safer and more prosperous environment for businesses to operate, attract new investments, and improve the quality of life for residents.  The Arvada Resiliency Taskforce is committed to ensuring that Arvada is the safest and most resilient community in Colorado through a proactive approach that encourages vigilance and education around crime and safety.

Programs and Resources

Arvada Crime & Safety Toolkit - Coming Soon!


  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Resources & Tips

CPTED Education & Consultations

Upcoming Webinars:

CPTED Consultation with Arvada Police Department 

Security Consultation with All Secure

CPTED Grant Program

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Arvada Based Brick & Mortar Businesses
  • Must have been open for a minimum of 6 months
  • Must have Arvada Business License – Easy and Free!
  • Pilot Criteria: Businesses in the following business districts are eligible
    • Olde Town Arvada – Businesses within Ralston Road and Grandview Avenue (NS) between Teller Street and Yukon Street (EW)
    • Marshall Corridor: Marshall Street between 52nd Ave and 60th Ave
    • Ralston Corridor: Businesses on Ralston Road between Wadsworth Bypass and 59th Avenue

What are the grants for?

  • Ring Camera Cost & Installation (30 businesses)
  • $500 Line of Sight / Lighting within City code mini-grant (10 business)
    • Reimbursable via final project paid receipts
    • Before & photos

Business Neighborhood Watch Program

WhatsApp network of local businesses working together to ensure collective safety.

    Mental Health First Aid

    Events to be announced!

      CPR + Stop the Bleed Training

      Events to be announced!

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