What are Member-2-Member Deals?

Member-2-Member Deals are designed to promote local businesses through exclusive offers. Arvada Chamber members can utilize the platform to offer deals to members – and receive exclusive offers from other members. 

Who is eligible for the M2M Deals program?

Members of the Arvada Chamber in good standing are eligible to post and redeem M2M Deals. Members do not have to offer deals in order to receive them. Deals are eligible for redemption by all employees of a member business. 

How do I redeem a posted M2M Deal?

Contact the business or organization directly. Businesses offering the discount may require added proof of employment for eligibility.

How do I verify that the redemption is by an active Chamber Member?

Search the redeemer’s employer on the Arvada Chamber’s Business Directory – if a business, organization, or individual is listed, they are considered an active chamber member.

What’s the cost to offer a M2M Deal?

Posting of a M2M Deal is included in all membership packages for members of the Arvada Chamber in good standing. 

How is redemption tracked?

Tracking redemption is up to the business offering the deal. The Chamber has no formal tracking system other than the listing of M2M deals on our website.

What if my deal is available to any customer?

Deals available to anyone in the community should be posted in the description of your business listing, not on the M2M section.

What are examples of a M2M Deal?

  • 20% of Product or Service
  • 15% Off All New Orders Over $250
  • $100 Donation to a Non-profit (customer’s choice or your choice) Purchase required.
  • $500 Discount for Home Improvement Purchase (home restoration, roofing, etc.)
  • One Free Dessert, Coffee, Meal, Etc.
  • Free 3-Hour Rental of a Space
  • Buy One Get One (BOGO)
  • Free Item With Purchase

How do I add an M2M Deal? 

1. LOGIN to your Member Portal through Chamber Master. (Use the Forgot Password link to reset your password. If you don’t have an account created, please email Mary for a link to create one).

2. CLICK “Member2Member Deals” on the left side of the page.

3. CLICK the blue button, “Add Member2Member Deal.” To edit existing deals, “Manage Member2Member Deals.”

4. FILL IN all fields. Tips:

      • Make your Title concise and short. 
      • Elaborate and add longer, relevant details in “Tagline”.
      • Add a full description, photos and a link to any additional information in the “Details” section

    5. ADD your logo under “Search Results Logo.” 

      6. SUBMIT for Approval after checking all contact information is correct. Voila!

      A Chamber staff member will review and publish your submission within 2 business days.

      Please contact Mary Runkel at mary@arvadachamber.org with any questions!