Member of the Month: Mile High Tax & Accounting

June 27, 2023
From left: Katie Workman (Bookkeeping Associate), Jason M. Garcia, CPA (Managing Partner),
Pauline Garcia (Office Manager), and Zhe Wang (Tax Partner).

Mile High Tax & Accounting was founded in 2015 by Managing Partner, Jason Garcia, CPA. The firm started out with only two people: a CPA and a seasonal admin. Over a short period of time, the firm required year-round staffing and began hiring additional accountants. For nearly a decade, Jason and the Mile High Tax & Accounting team have been deeply invested in serving Arvada businesses and the community.

“I really feel a part of a community in all aspects of my life in Arvada,” says Jason. “The business community, the neighborhood community, and the faith community. There are so many connections between these three aspects of my life in Arvada.”

How did you get started in this industry? What do you find rewarding about this career?

I got started in accounting by taking an accounting elective class in high school. I realized right away that the coursework seemed easy to me, but also very interesting. My teacher took notice and began mentoring me. I ended that class by doing a self-study extra credit project that I loved (I was the only student that did this).

My teacher told me that no one likes accounting, and If I like it, I should choose that as a career. Because of this, I chose to major in accounting. I started my career working for a Big 5 accounting firm (Arthur Andersen). The most rewarding part of this career is being a part of the success journey of small businesses. Seeing highly motivated people reach their goals and dreams.

What is unique about your services?

Our Firm offers tax return preparation, tax projections and planning, bookkeeping, and payroll services. We strive to be our clients’ most valuable advisor. Our services are unique in that we strive to provide advice and guidance, versus merely compliance services.

What advice would you give a new business or entrepreneur in Arvada?

My advice to new business owners is to have a team of advisors to help you in the areas that are outside of your expertise. That would include financial and business advisors in areas such as Accounting and Tax, Financial Advisors, Insurance, Legal, IT and Human Resources.

What notable changes have occurred in your industry since you started or even recently?

It seems that a combination of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and then the Covid 19 Pandemic caused several CPAs and Accounting firms to change the way they do business. Accounting firms had to learn and communicate to their clients a new set of tax rules. Shortly after the new tax law, accounting firms had to find new ways to communicate and interact with clients with the pandemic shutdowns occurring in the middle of tax season. These two events also lead to some firms being unable to react to these changes and closing/retiring. This created a demand that exceeds supply, resulting in difficulty in staffing and being able to meet all of the needs in the market.

What are some misconceptions about your work / industry?

Many people think that accountants just do “math” all day. In reality, the “math” part of the job is automated. Where we really add value is in understanding the tax/accounting/payroll rules, and problem-solving to find the best outcomes for each of our clients. We are not merely “number crunchers”, but business advisors.

What is your favorite business book, podcast or news resource?

“Traction,” by Gino Wickman. Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show.

What have you found most valuable about being a member of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce?

The Arvada Chamber has allowed me to become more connected to my local community, through the local connections I have been able to make, and the community forums that have provided information about the state of the community.

Mile High Tax & Accounting

6850 W. 52nd Ave.
Suite 102
Arvada, CO 80002

(303) 657-1040


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