Stories of Impact: Equalized Productions

March 24, 2024

Equalized Productions is an audio/video integration and live event production company based in Arvada. Their services range everywhere from doing permanent installations for clients to building temporary setups like what you see at Olde Town Arvada and Arvada-based events like Taste of Arvada where the team does staging, lighting, sound and full sound reinforcement.

“It’s an exciting year for Equalized Productions,” says Liz Kistler, CEO. “We’ve been in business 25 years this year. We serve a variety of clients on our install and production side, primarily on the install side. We work with schools, churches, restaurants, and really any public space where you can see or hear. Then on the production side, we have a good mix of community, private, and corporate clients.”

What was your goal when you joined the Arvada Chamber as a member?

“The initial goal in becoming a member of the Arvada Chamber was to grow our production division. That was something that when my husband, Dave, started the company, he left behind in favor of other aspects of our industry. When I came on full-time in 2017, my goal was to build and flesh out that division and get more clients. When we joined in 2017, our focus was heavily on production and then we grew from there with our Chamber benefits and Chamber matches.”

How did the Arvada Chamber help with your goal?

“The very first thing the Arvada Chamber did when we joined to help us grow our business was sat down and had a conversation with us. Who are we looking to serve and what kind of Ideal matches would be beneficial for us in terms of networking matches and connections? We had that conversation right at the very beginning and then over the years, people started to see our work and our products out in Arvada through working with the Chamber through our in-kind partnership or working with other businesses and groups that we have been connected with.

When we joined the Chamber, we were still located in Englewood and I really wanted to move to Arvada. I knew I had to have a really good base of business to justify that. I also grew up in Arvada, so I’ve lived here my entire life. It’s so nice to be a part of the awards events that are such a huge part of Arvada and are honoring businesses that we have been customers of our entire lives or have recently become customers of because of the Chamber. It’s been rewarding getting to see some of these other businesses that we’ve kind of grown up alongside be successful and be honored in those ways.”

In what ways have you made the most of your member benefits?

“We’re all busy. We’re all busy business owners and that’s great. Carving time out to be a part of some of these events and participate in these events, even when we’re not behind the scenes, is something that I think my team has excelled at. We’re not the best networkers and we don’t show up for every event but when we put the time in and go and shake hands and connect with people, that’s how we get the most out of the Chamber. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been to a networking event or a special event with the Chamber and somebody has said ‘Oh you’re Liz with Equalized. I know you through this or that with the Chamber or the Olde Town Business Improvement District.'”

What has been the impact of your Arvada Chamber membership?

“Last year, I sat down and looked at what the numbers were to ascertain the financial impact of our Chamber membership.

When I sat down and looked at it, it became apparent to me that in our production division, the division we were trying to grow, we’ve been able to realize six-figure revenue returns year over year since we became a Chamber member. We only continue to see that grow.

That’s a byproduct directly of some of the connections that the staff have put in our lap. Obviously, we’re doing the work to retain the business but we would never have been able to be connected with folks like Anthony and April Lombatos over at Social Capital without an edge and a foot in the door. That’s been a huge relationship for us, as well as Arvada Center Event Spaces and other clients.”

What is your advice for new Arvada Chamber members?

“I think the biggest piece of advice I can give somebody fresh to the Chamber is to show up and see what they have out there for you. I think the biggest favor you can do yourself when you join is to get out and see how our Chamber is different and how our Chamber is actively serving its business community and serving it so much better and so much different than other Chambers in the state or across the country.”

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce is a community of businesses, organizations, and local leaders working together to solve challenges, foster meaningful connections, and develop the next generation of talent and leadership. Our work – driving action on conversations, resources, and large-scale initiatives that businesses can’t tackle on their own – is central to the long-term success of our community as a whole. When you play a part, we all thrive. Click here to learn more about joining the Arvada Chamber.


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