5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet Hydrated | Harmony Veterinary Center

September 26, 2022

Since they wear heavy fur coats and do not perspire, Dogs overheat more easily than humans. They dissipate heat through respiration and via their foot pads, but neither function is as good as plain old sweating. During these hot months, it’s important for you to monitor your dog’s heat tolerance and water intake. Watch for early signs of heat stroke, like excessive panting, and seek immediate medical attention if your dog becomes weak, vomits, or has diarrhea. Provide access to shade and cool water at all times when outside. These five tips will keep your pet safe and hydrated this summer:

  1. Bring A Water Bottle For You & A Water Bottle For Fido. When leaving the house, fill a water bottle for both you AND your dog. Bonus points for putting cute doggy stickers with clever sayings.
  2. Offer Water – But Only Water. Your sports drink is not formulated for your dog’s electrolyte needs.
  3. Carry A Collapsible Water Bowl Or A Bottle With A Special Spout So Your Dog Can Drink Easily. Do not let him gulp water. Over-indulging can make your pooch sick, so offer small, frequent sips.
  4. Make Pupsicles. Water isn’t the only option for hydrating. Cantaloupe, watermelon, blueberries, apple sauce, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, pumpkin, carrots, chicken stock and unsweetened yogurt can be used in various combinations to make tasty frozen treats to cool off your favorite pup. Check out these recipes for inspiration!
  5. Fill Up A Baby Pool In The Backyard. Set it up in the shade and empty and refill it every few days to keep it clean. In addition to using it to cool off, your dog will also consider it a giant water bowl, hydrating simultaneously!


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