Arvada Chamber Announces 2022 Man and Woman of the Year

ARVADA, Co, March 20, 2023 – The Arvada Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2022 Man and Woman of the Year. Recipients of these awards will be honored at the May 17, 2023, Arvada Chamber of Commerce 72nd Annual Awards Luncheon from 11:30-1:00 pm at Arvada Center Event Spaces.

The Man and Woman of the Year Awards are a long-standing tradition in Arvada recognizing outstanding men and women in the community for their amazing community involvement, generosity and overall impact on Arvada. Nominations for this award are reviewed by a selection committee made up of previous winners. The 2022 winner of Man of the Year is Randy Michaelis and the 2022 winner of Woman of the Year is Christi Michaelis. 

Randy and Christi Michaelis have been pillars in the Arvada community for many years and have given back in a multitude of ways.

Randy and Christi work with the Elevado Mobile Home Community in Arvada to ensure they get the food and resources they need to properly take care of their families. They advocated to obtain culturally appropriate foods that families in the Elevado community would be able to prepare for their family. This required purchasing such foods instead of relying on community donations to provide. When the Elevado Community was without water due to contamination, they worked with Community Table to provide over 100 cases of water.

At Community Table, Randy and Christie bring in other underserved communities in Arvada to ensure they are able to feed their families or need other assistance from the Human Services Program. During an eviction of an entire apartment complex of long-time renters near Olde Town Arvada, Randy and Christi personally brought in residents to Community Table to offer food and financial assistance to help with finding new homes and other benefits assistance such as SNAP, Medicaid, etc. Randy and Christi then went to City Hall to speak on the residents’ behalf. They personally see to it that households in Arvada do not go without food and resources to live their lives.

Randy and Christi have also faithfully served the community at Arvada Vineyard Church for many years. They volunteer in our children’s ministry, in particular leading the pre-school classroom several Sundays per month. Randy and Christi offer car rides to other members of the community to get them to services when they have no other means. They delivered and served hot meals when the church hosted the Severe Weather Shelter.

The selection committee also names recipients for the Image Awards, Young Professional Leadership Awards, and Rising Star Awards. Man and Woman of the Year will be honored with a video of their accomplishments at the Awards Luncheon. Videos and more information about the wonderful work done by each of the recipients will be released after the event. For more information on attending the awards luncheon, please call 303-424-0313 or visit


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