AYP Peer Premier: Colleen Judge, Maverick Warranties & Insurance

August 30, 2022

Organization name + role
Maverick Warranties & Insurance. I work as the Regional Sales Manager for Colorado. I just joined the company about 1.5 months ago

Where are you from originally?
Monmouth, IL

What is your favorite thing about Arvada?
Arvada reminds me of home. It’s friendly, growing and fun. I just feel like I vibe with the people here.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I love helping home builders manage their insurance, exposure and assets so they can do what they love- build. Builders and people in the trade industry are just down to earth great people and they need to have advisors that have their back. That’s what I love to do, educate and assess risk.

What is a piece of career advice that has served you well?
Come from a world of abundance. You must give and in turn be open to receive.. but they’re one in the same.

Are there ways that you give back to the community?
Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Sponsor any backpack drives, winter coat drives, food drives that directly impact Arvada communities. With the new role looking to dive in even further.

Stay in touch!

Website | cjudge@maverickbuilders.com |  LinkedIn

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