Talent Talk: Understanding the Cliff Effect | Webinar Recording + Resources

July 12, 2022

On Tuesday, June 21, the Arvada Chamber hosted “Understanding The Cliff Effect,” the second of its quarterly Talent Talk series. The cliff effect occurs when a pay raise at work triggers a disproportionate loss of government assistance. Unfortunately, even a small raise can “push people off the cliff” when it comes to benefits such as subsidized food, housing, and childcare. In this Talent Talk, experts helped explain trends, resources, and solutions related to tackling this challenge.

Thank you to our panelists:

Watch the full recorded session, with time stamps on trends and data discussed below.


  • Introduction [1:15]
  • Keynote: Juan Pena, Cross Purpose [4:00]
    • Introduction of Earned Income Credits [5:00]
    • Defining a Benefits Cliff [8:55]
    • Cliff Effect Scenarios Using the CrossPurpose Financial Planner [10:30]
  • Local Perspective: Jessica Hanson, Jeffco Prosperity Project (JPP) [19:55]
  • “What can Businesses do About the Cliff Effect?” Scott Fast, Innovate+Educate [24:55]
  • What Should an Employer Look for to Make Sure This Doesn’t Impact Employees? [31:43]
  • What Policy Conversations Need to Happen Regarding the Cliff Effect? [38:43]


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