Curb Appeal Matters by Tera Gill, Bear Paw Stanbro Property Management

May 31, 2018

It is hard to believe that summer has crept upon us so quickly. It is the end of May and we have already hit a record high of almost 90 degrees. Whether you are looking at selling your home, or are interested in renting out your home or investment property, the fact is that curb appeal is important. This is the first thing that a potential buyer or tenant will see. There are some simple ways do some summer home prep that will not break the bank, but will leave your house looking crisp and clean.

  1. Clean Up. It is time to get rid of all that dead debris. Get the area clear of any leftover Winter grime. This can include any debris or mold on your home too. Companies offering house washing in Melbourne, or somewhere closer to your home, could be contacted to effectively complete this job for you, leaving your home looking clean. You might also want to contact a company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Durham to remove all the leaves and Fall/Winter debris from your gutters.
  2. Get that sprinkler up and running. It is time to get that water flowing. Apply Revive Organic Soil treatment to get that yard ready and lush for summer.
  3. Spray weeds. There are some great DIY weed sprays out there. Be sure to get on top of the weeds before they get out of control. Make it a regular thing to spray.
  4. Plant fresh flowers. Whether it is a hanging basket, a standing planter, or flowers that you plant in the yard, flowers bring color. Flowers draw the viewers eye in and add a layer of happiness to the outside of your home.
  5. Paint your front door. Is your door a drab old color? Is the paint chipping off? It is amazing what a coat of paint can do. Pick a color that stands out. Have a gray or white home? Paint your door red or yellow. Passersby will notice the pop of color. Add in a door hanging for even more of a home sweet home feel.
  6. Check those porch lights. Be sure your lights are clean and full of cobwebs, and that the lights work! Speaking about lights, make sure that the lights you have in the interior complement the house, as this could be important when looking to sell your home. You may not know it, but there’s lots of options for table lamps and these could look perfect on a desk or on your bedside cabinet. Wherever your lights are, make sure that they are all in fine working condition.
  7. Pressure wash. If you have brick or concrete that is looking drab, consider pressure washing it to get rid of the grime and bring out a clean look. To work towards further improving the look of your driveway or other brick or concrete on your front lawn consider some concrete sealer to prevent concrete from cracking from the UV rays or other driveway spillages.
  8. Mailbox Makeover. Make sure you mailbox is secure and standing straight. Add a layer of paint if you need it.

All of this will leave the front of your house looking fabulous without hurting your pocketbook. Time to start the refresh!


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