Elevate Your Business Leadership with SBA’s THRIVE Program for Emerging Leaders

By Ali Stofflet, Director of Business Outreach & Growth

Are you an ambitious business owner, yearning for the transformative power of an MBA but hesitant due to time constraints and costs? The Small Business Administration’s THRIVE Program for Emerging Leaders might just be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. In a recent announcement, the SBA is opening its doors to applicants who, while not meeting traditional requirements, exhibit promising growth potential for this free program. 

THRIVE is a 6-month program that mirrors the intensity of an MBA curriculum. Imagine gaining essential skills and knowledge to propel your business forward without sacrificing your entrepreneurial commitments. The program culminates in a 3-year strategic growth plan that will redefine your business trajectory.

THRIVE’s comprehensive approach is divided into 8 thoughtfully crafted modules, covering the spectrum of business essentials:

  • Being an Effective Leader
  • Business Planning & Development
  • Business Finance & Raising Capital
  • HR, Hiring, & Company Culture
  • Marketing & Building Brand Awareness
  • Driving Sales
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies
  • Legal Compliance, Intellectual Property, & Contracts

While some elements of THRIVE are delivered virtually the majority are in-person sessions at the SBA’s downtown Denver office. This program isn’t just about theory; it’s about real-world application. You’ll engage with instructors and a dynamic cohort, fostering a collaborative environment that ensures your growth transcends the digital realm.

The SBA understands that growth potential isn’t confined to traditional criteria which is why they have allowed businesses to be a part of the program, even if they don’t meet the defined requirements. If your business boasts an annual revenue of at least $250,000, has been operational for three years or more, and employs at least one individual (excluding yourself), you could be a prime candidate. The commitment to the full program, coupled with a coachable and eager-to-learn mindset, is all that’s required to seize this opportunity. 

Don’t let the prospect of pursuing an MBA hinder your business aspirations. The THRIVE Program for Emerging Leaders is a tailor-made solution, offering a transformative educational experience without the time and financial burden. Elevate your leadership, enhance your business strategy, and propel your enterprise into a future defined by success.

Apply by April 28, 2024. The program starts on June 18, 2024.



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