Member of the Month: Jefferson County Business & Workforce Center

August 30, 2023

The Jefferson County Business & Workforce Center is a federally funded organization and has been around for a very long time. In 1933 the Wagner-Peyer Act established the first public labor exchange service, matching workers with jobs (and is still in effect today). All of the services provided by the Jeffco BWC are grant-funded and are focused on workforce development for the community’s economic success.

This month, the Jefferson County Business & Workforce Center partnered with the Arvada Chamber to kick off a regional Construction Sector Partnership. Jeffco BWC also collaborated with the Chamber and Jeffco Public Schools to host the three-part Work-based Learning Workshop Series.

“I would say a major shift in workforce development is that employers are going to need to help in the development of the workforce and not just be consumers of the workforce,” says Diana Herring-Stark, Business Innovation & Outreach Manager at Jeffco BWC.

What do you find rewarding about this work?

I love that we get to play matchmaker for businesses and job seekers. Both need to be successful and I love when we make those connections.

What services do you offer for businesses? What is unique about your services?

No-cost services and resources!

  • Job postings
  • Job fairs/hiring events
  • Work-based learning opportunities
  • Business information
  • Labor market data
  • Use of our facilities
  • Business education
  • Rapid response for layoffs
  • Assessment/screening services.

How big is your team?

We have the Business Services team, our Training Services team and the program services team. There are over 50 people in the Jefferson County Business & Workforce Center working to support the success of our workforce.

What advice would you give a new business or entrepreneur in Jeffco?

Make sure to connect with your local Chamber of Commerce, economic development organization and Workforce Center to ensure your success. You are not in this alone, there is support to help with resources and knowledge.

What advice would you give a job seeker in Jeffco?

Visit the Jefferson County Business & Workforce Center to make sure you are presenting your best self. We have workshops on resumes and interviewing. You can meet with a career coach and strategize your next steps. We can even support getting job seekers skills to make them move completive.

What are some misconceptions about your work?

We are not the unemployment office, or a staffing agency. We are not trying to be the gatekeepers of the grant funding we have, but we do have eligibility guidelines we have to adhere to. We are stewards of the resources we have and are accountable to the Colorado Department of Labor and ultimately the US Department of Labor.

What have you learned about this business community and/or serving the people of Jeffco?

The economic success of both our businesses and our job seekers is key. We can not have one without the other.

What have you found most valuable to being a member of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce? Why is important for the Business & Workforce Center to partner with the Arvada Chamber?

Our relationship with the Arvada Chamber is so important. Many of the businesses we serve and the services we provide are similar, so it is important to align and share for the success of both organizations. Our relationship with, and support from the Arvada Chamber is important when developing strategies and initiatives. The Arvada Chamber is a great resource when sharing opportunities to support our businesses community and their success. The partnership with the Arvada Chamber has resulted in successfully supporting our businesses, our job seekers, and continues to grow and align in order provide the best support for our community and Colorado as a whole.

Jefferson County Business & Workforce Center

Laramie Building, 3500 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401
(303) 271-4700


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