The Importance of Celebrating National Volunteer Month at Your Company | By Carol Cheung, Arvada Festivals Commission

March 27, 2019

National Volunteer Month (April) starts next week and you might be thinking “Why should this celebration be important to my company?”

Research indicates that “creating a culture of volunteerism” in a workplace may “boost morale, workplace atmosphere and brand perception” (2017 Deloitte Volunteerism Survey). Some companies even offer their employees opportunities to volunteer during work hours and encourage their team members to volunteer in programs that align with the company’s values.

Organizations recognize that if their employees are engaged, the employees are 57% more effective in their jobs and 87% less likely to resign (PwC 2014 Keys to Corporate Responsibility and Employee Engagement).

So, how might a company capitalize on National Volunteer Month celebrations?

Launch a Volunteer Program

Research volunteer opportunities that align with your company’s values. Brainstorm with your employees to see how their personal values align with your company’s. The last page on the 2011 Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey gives more details on how to analyze and implement a Volunteer Program.

Recognize Achievements

Recognize the employees who contribute to their communities through a newsletter, blog-post, or at a weekly/monthly staff meeting. You could also use custom-made Portland Oregon trophies or similar custom awards available to your company to recognize and reward the employees for their accomplishments. It might serve as a morale boost and an encouragement to keep volunteering in the future.

Volunteer during National Volunteer Month

The best way to celebrate National Volunteer Month is to volunteer. If you are looking for an upcoming local opportunity for your employees, Arvada’s Kite Festival takes place on Sunday, April 7 10am-3pm at the Stenger Soccer Complex (58th and Oak St.) and is still looking for a few more volunteers.

The Arvada Kite Festival, along with many other annual festivals, is organized by a group of volunteers on the Arvada Festivals Commission. If your organization’s team members want to get involved locally, the City of Arvada has a handful of boards, commissions and committees they can volunteer for. Each is focused on the arts, parks, sustainability, festivals, transportation and more. All committees are full now; however keep an eye out in December when applications open up again.

Don’t forget, having a volunteer program in your company helps “decrease turnover, and help(s) the community at the same time” (2011 Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey). Also, organizations with an engaged and empowered workforce are better positioned to anticipate and adapt to changing market conditions (PwC 2014 Keys to Corporate Responsibility and Employee Engagement).

Happy National Volunteer Month!

The Arvada Festivals Commission was established by the Arvada City Council in 2000 with a membership of fifteen community volunteers. The mission of the Arvada Festivals Commission is to create, plan, coordinate and present events that celebrate Arvada as a community. Festivals Commission events are diverse, family-oriented and multi-generational. Many of these events are partnerships with community-based, non-profit organizations and leverage the Commission’s efforts to produce community events. Learn more at


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