2021 Advocacy Scorecard

September 12, 2021

Every year, hundreds of policy changes are proposed that will impact the health of Arvada businesses. Through the Advocacy KAPS Council and consistent outreach to elected officials at all levels of government, the Arvada Chamber strives to stay informed on the latest developments while advocating for a strong local economy.

Over twenty business leaders sit on the Chamber’s Advocacy KAPS Council, which boasts four sub-committees in 2021 to address major issues in the community: Business Regulation, COVID-19, Education and Workforce, and Healthcare. The 2021 Advocacy Scorecard documents the Chamber’s position on dozens of bills at the 2021 session and each legislative outcome.

Arvada Chamber 2021 Advocacy Scorecard


Bill NumberTitleChamber Committee AssignmentRecommended PositionOverall OutcomeAligned
SB21-260Sustainability of the Transportation SystemALLSupportPASSEDYes
HB21-1093Remedies In Class Actions Consumer Protection ActBusiness RegulationOpposePOSTPONED INDEFINITELYPI
SB21-070County Authority To Register BusinessesBusiness RegulationOpposePASSEDNO
SB21-091Credit Transaction Charge LimitationsBusiness RegulationSupportPASSEDYes
SB21-233Colorado Department Of Labor And Employment Unemployment Insurance Division EnterpriseBusiness RegulationOpposePASSEDNO
HB21-1286Energy Performance For BuildingsBusiness RegulationOpposePASSEDNO
HB21-1311Income Tax (Review Fiscal Note)
Business RegulationOpposePASSEDNO
HB21-1312Insurance Premium Property Sales Severence
Business RegulationSupportPASSEDYes
SB21-262Special District TransparancyBusiness RegulationSupportPASSEDYes
HB21-1074Immunity For Entities During COVID-19COVID-19 & RecoverySupportINDEFINITELYPI
SB21-080Protections For Entities During COVID-19COVID-19 & RecoverySupportPOSTPONED INDEFINITELYPI
HB21-1191Prohibit Discrimination COVID-19 Vaccine StatusCOVID-19 & RecoveryOpposePOSTPONED INDEFINITELYINDEFINITELYPI
SB21-241Small Business Accelerated Growth ProgramCOVID-19 & RecoverySupportPASSEDYes
HB21-1263Meeting and Events Incentive ProgramCOVID-19 & RecoverySupportPASSEDYes
HB21-1265Qualified Retailer Retain Sales Tax for AssistanceCOVID-19 & RecoverySupportPASSEDYes
SB21-232Displaced Workers GrantCOVID-19 & RecoverySupportPASSEDYes
SB21-085Actuarial Review Health Insurance Mandate LegislationHealthcareSupportPOSTPONED INDEFINITELYPI
SB21-123Expand Canadian Rx Import ProgramHealthcareSupportPASSEDYes
HB21-1012Expand Prescription Drug Monitoring ProgramHealthcareOpposePASSEDNO
SB21-077Remove Lawful Presence Verification Credentialing-Workforce and EducationSupportPASSEDYes
SB21-202BESTWorkforce and EducationSupportPASSEDYes
HB21-1264HB21-1264Funds Workforce Development Increase Worker SkillsWorkforce and EducationSupportPASSEDYes
HB21-1007State Apprenticeship AgencyWorkforce and EducationOpposePASSEDNO
SB21-106Concerning Successful High School TransitionsWorkforce and EducationSupportPASSEDYes
SB21-119Increasing Access To High-Quality CredentialsWorkforce and EducationSupportPASSEDYes


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