2023 Advocacy Scorecard

May 18, 2023

Every year, hundreds of policy changes are proposed that will impact the health of Arvada businesses. Through the Advocacy KAPS Council, the Jefferson County Business Lobby (JCBL), and consistent outreach to elected officials at all levels of government, the Arvada Chamber strives to stay informed on the latest developments while advocating for a strong local economy.

This year, the Chamber’s Advocacy KAPS Council prioritized positions on bills related to business regulation, childcare, housing and workforce. This 2023 Advocacy Scorecard documents the Chamber’s position on dozens of bills at the 2023 session and each legislative outcome. Read more about each bill and the Chamber’s position at our 2023 Bill Tracker.

Business Regulations

Bill NumberTitleChamber PositionOverall OutcomeAligned
SB23-16Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction MeasuresActive MonitorPASSEDN/A
SB23-017Additional Uses Paid Sick LeaveNeutralPASSEDN/A
SB23-037Solicitations Related To Secretary Of State DocumentsSupportPASSEDYES
SB23-046Average Weekly Wage Paid Leave BenefitsNeutralPASSEDN/A
SB23-105Ensure Equal Pay For Equal WorkSupportPASSEDYES
SB23-143Retail Delivery FeesSupportPASSEDYES
SB23-172Protecting Opportunities And Workers’ Rights ActOpposePASSEDNO
SB23-175Financing Of Downtown Development Authority ProjectsSupportPASSEDYES
SB23-264Alcohol Beverage Festival ParticipationSupportPASSEDYES
SB23-291Utility RegulationOpposePASSEDNO
HB23-1006Employer Notice Of Income Tax CreditsNeutralPASSEDN/A
HB23-1017Electronic Sales And Use Tax Simplification SystemActive SupportPASSEDYES
HB23-1035Statute Of Limitations Minimum Wage ViolationsSupportLOSTNO
HB23-1078Unemployment Compensation Dependent AllowanceOpposeLOSTYES
HB23-1118Fair Workweek Employment StandardsStrongly OpposeLOSTYES
HB23-1201Prescription Drug Benefits Contract Term RequirementsNeutralPASSEDN/A
HB23-1209Analyze Statewide Publicly Financed Health-careOpposeLOSTYES
HB23-1215Limits On Hospital Facility FeesOpposePASSEDNO
HB23-1260Advanced Industry and Semiconductor Manufacturing IncentivesSupportPASSEDYES


Bill NumberTitleChamber PositionOverall OutcomeAligned
SB23-110Transparency For Metropolitan DistrictsSupportPASSEDYES

Housing Regulations

Bill NumberTitleChamber PositionOverall OutcomeAligned
SB23-110Transparency For Metropolitan DistrictsSupportPASSEDYES
SB23-213Land UseOpposeLOSTYES
HB23-1068Pet Animal Ownership In HousingOpposePASSEDNO
HB23-1090Limit Metropolitan District Director ConflictsOpposeLOSTYES
HB23-1115Repeal Prohibition Local Residential Rent ControlMonitorLOSTN/A
HB23-1189Employer Assistance For Home Purchase Tax CreditSupportPASSEDYES
HB23-1190Affordable Housing Right Of First RefusalOpposePASSEDNO

Workforce Regulations

Bill NumberTitleChamber PositionOverall OutcomeAligned
SB23-65Career Development Success ProgramStrongly SupportPASSEDYES
SB23-205Universal High School Scholarship ProgramSupportPASSEDYES
HB23-1246Support In-demand Career WorkforceSupportPASSEDYES


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