Have you Had a Fall, Trauma or Minor Injury? by Lexie Bennetts, Calm Spirit Acupuncture and Massage

June 20, 2016

Have You Had a Fall, Trauma or Minor Injury?  


Why NOT Use Acupuncture and Natural Medicine to Help Recover Faster?

I had a friend tell me that earlier this week she fell and sprained her ankle, but was slowly getting better with ice and rest. The next day my father also fell while working in the yard and hurt his wrist— it was swollen and sore. When I visited him, he told me he wasn’t sleeping because of the pain.  My workout partner tweaked her lower back and needed to rest and stretch to help it recover.

This got me thinking, WHY aren’t they using acupuncture treatments and Chinese Medicine to help them recover? I use these treatments daily to help my patients recover from common injuries and ailments.

Often when someone has had a fall, trauma or even surgery, the acupuncture channels have been disturbed.  This causes the body’s energy to become stagnant or deficient in the injured areas. With time, our body’s natural healing process will often get energy and blood flow moving again as it should.  However, due to other body imbalances, sometimes there may not be enough energy to get the healing movement going again.  This stagnation can cause problem areas to persist, resulting in lingering pain and slower healing.

Getting acupuncture treatments after a trauma will support the movement of energy and blood flow in the injured area and will channel the body’s need to support the healing. The practitioner can often determine if there are other underlying problems that may contribute to slower healing, like “blood deficiency” or “qi stagnation” or “qi deficiency.”  For underlying problems, the practitioner can make diet and lifestyle recommendations to help the patient tune in to their body and support optimal healing.

I strive to find ways to help my patients think of having acupuncture when they first have minor injuries, rather than wait until the pain lingers and sets in longer, which can make their condition harder to correct and unpleasant to endure!

Calm Spirit Acupuncture and Massage offers community style acupuncture where often patients can just pop in for a quick treatment for an injury.  Sometimes they start with our private clinic to discuss issues in more detail and then use our community clinic to do shorter, faster treatments more frequently and at cheaper rates.  Simple acupuncture treatments can get one’s body momentum going to promote healing and recovery.

Phone Calm Spirit Acupuncture and Massage at 303-467-5337, if you have questions about how acupuncture, Chinese and eastern medicine can help you recover from your everyday injuries.


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