Mark Your Calendar: August Work-Based Learning Workshop Series

July 24, 2023

By Kylie Parks, Arvada Chamber Director of Talent Pipeline Development

Last week, I was fortunate to sit in on the Future of Work conversation hosted by Colorado Succeeds and the Colorado Business Roundtable. While there was a lot of great information, there were a few highlights that stuck out. 

“The legacy mindset needs to be reshifted,” stated Steve Hatfield, Principal of Deloitte’s Global Future of Work. He also shared from a Deloitte survey that “60% of workers will need reskilling in the next 5 years”. 

Katherine Keegan, with the state’s Future of Work, highlighted that 150,000 households in Colorado do not have computers. 

Eve Liberman, the Executive Director for the Office of Economic Development & International Trade, made a powerful statement that “business must become the producer of talent.”

My takeaways from this meeting and others continue to be: businesses need to change their approach to hiring. It’s understandable how businesses can be overwhelmed with this change as everyone is starting to push the message, while not every business has the capacity or the guidance to even begin on such a shift. 

We want to help your business through the change! 

The Arvada Chamber, in partnership with Jeffco Public Schools and Jeffco Business and Workforce Center, will be hosting a Work-Based Learning Workshop on August 17, 23, and 31. Employers will have the opportunity to participate in this three-part workshop series intended to help you EXPLORE, EXPAND and ENGAGE in cutting-edge work-based learning opportunities.  

With the support of work-based learning professionals, you will walk away having created an action plan for creating and/or expanding WBL opportunities at your company. 

This series will focus on: 

  • Why businesses are engaging more with work-based learning 
  • Different WBL opportunities, including internships, apprenticeships, and other career training  
  • Meeting the different partner stakeholders to support your growth 
  • Where you might find great candidates 
  • Grant opportunities that are available to help cover the cost of development or intern wages. 
  • Learning from companies who have implemented WBL within their organization 
  • Create your company’s Work-Based Learning Support Documents and Action Plans 

RSVP below to express your interest in attending this 3-part work-based learning series for businesses.

We look forward to supporting you in becoming a producer of talent, and being a part of the change!


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