Meet the 2022 Badass Women of Arvada

March 01, 2022

Women’s History Month is celebrated annually in March to highlight women’s achievements and promote gender equality across the globe. The month corresponds with International Women’s Day on March 8, a day of education, empowerment, and action.

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Arvada Chamber of Commerce is leading a celebration of Arvada women leaders all month long. We will celebrate Badass Women of Arvada in business, non-profits, and our community on this page and offer resources and engagement opportunities. Join in and celebrate your favorite Arvada women by sharing photos, stories, resources, and more on social media with the tag #BadassWomenOfArvada.

Join in and celebrate your favorite Arvada women by sharing photos, stories, resources, and more on social media with the tag #BadassWomenOfArvada.

2022 Badass Women of Arvada

To celebrate Badass Women of Arvada, we will highlight business owners, executives, rising stars, pioneers, norm-breakers, entrepreneurs, inventors, influencers, and other leaders in Arvada. Every day in March, on the Arvada Chamber Facebook page, we will celebrate a different woman making a big impact in this community. Below, find a list of the 2022 Badass Women of Arvada!

Sarah Mann

Mann Method Physical Therapy and Fitness, LLC

“Sarah owns Mann Method PT, LLC where she helps people with Down Syndrome across the country live healthier, happier and more independent lives. She has created a therapy program that has been life-changing for teens and adults with Down Syndrome. She is a positive, uplifting and supportive leader to our team here and also to other therapists across the country. She does all this while being a great wife, raising 2 young boys, and giving back to our community of Arvada. She really is a badass woman! “

Heather Fiedler

Arvada Gardeners, Arvada Community Garden

“Heather Fiedler is the current president and Bad Ass Woman of the Arvada Gardeners who operate the Arvada Community Garden. While it started as an all men’s club over 50 years ago, it is now a family-oriented group. Serving as Vice President and then President over the past two years, Heather has guided the group through the pandemic and kept the garden open during that time. The garden provided a safe, outdoor retreat for folks who needed to get out and have safe socially distant contact with other people . . . and closer contact to flowers and vegetables. She organized free to the public outdoor garden classes at the community garden, as the garden clothier she found new local suppliers for garden clothing and made sure the gardeners could have a presence at every community event held. She is currently working with the Bad Ass Women at Arvada Urban Renewal Authority on a partnership to make the Garrison Street Paseo a wonderful addition and a crown jewel in the community. “

MonaLisa Sena

Pipecraft Plumbing, Inc.

“She is always helpful, extremely giving to the ones in need, and has an open heart to everyone around her. She is a proud member of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce and the Olde Town Arvada BNI group. She always speaks about how she is extremely honored to be part of the amazing community of Arvada and she always knows how to make the people around her smile.”

Lakota Beckhorn

West Metro Fire

“Lakota is a resident of Arvada who has not only risen above to become a badass female firefighter herself, but has also mentored many women who are aspiring firefighters, mentors girls through the Camp Ember program, and is all around an incredible person. She is the definition of a strong, badass woman, and all who know her are beyond lucky!”

Cassie Tanner

AAA Colorado

“Cassie is the Deputy Director of public relations and government affairs at AAA Colorado and Board President for the West Metro Fire Rescue. She is a strong and passionate woman in Arvada who dedicates her time to boards and non-profits to make positive impacts in the community. “

Nicole Lowery

Clementine’s Salon

“What doesn’t she do! She is able to flip to a bunch of different roles in her salon (she’s tried interior designer, hair salon manager, therapist, and events coordinator to just name a few) and all at the same time be an amazing mother. She’s vulnerable and allows people to shine bright around her. “

Tara Easter


“Tara has led the sales team at EO for the last 10 years. She single-handedly brought EO into the crypto-currency market and is constantly engaging with emerging markets to get EO specified. Her sales efforts brought EO from a $12M company to a $25M company. She is also a mom to two beautiful girls and a wife to her husband. She is a rockstar employee and mentor to the other EO employees, all while doing the hardest job, being a rockstar mom too!”

Sara Schaeffner

The Digital Frontier

“Since purchasing the company 1.5 years ago Sara has worked tirelessly to make us a better company. She is always asking what is going to make us better whether its equipment or processes or employees. We are now members of numerous organizations one of which is the Arvada Chamber where we are very active with most of their events. We now have a 401K for our employees which is a great benefit. It is wonderful to work for someone who really cares about their employees.”

Why do you think it’s important to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements in our community?

Sara: Representation matters. It’s important to show each other that we are strong and capable, to life each other up, and support each other’s businesses. And it’s just as important for our male colleagues, and male and female children, to see the power, wisdom, and ability that female leaders bring to business.

What’s been your greatest challenge and your greatest reward in your professional career?

The greatest professional challenge I’ve probably faced was being a female executive in typically male-dominated industries – including industries that were brand new to me – and rising above the doubts and incredulity of my peers and subordinates. The key to my success in those situations was acknowledging what I didn’t know openly and asking all the “dumb questions.” It’s remarkable the solutions that probing questions and a fresh perspective can uncover.

The greatest reward of my career, hands down, was buying my own company in 2020 and beginning my journey as an entrepreneur. After spending five years as CEO for others’ companies, it is a treat to be CEO for my own business. Yet again, I entered a male-dominated industry with no specific industry experience, but I brought reams of business experience and acumen and am loving combining that with our team’s extensive technical ability and expertise.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a young woman just starting out in her career?

Always say yes. You’ll never be perfectly ready or perfectly suited to a challenge–say yes anyway.

Amy Van Wanseele

Wow 1 Day Painting – Denver West

“My mother worked for a large corporation for over 20 years and excelled at every position she held. This past year she took a leap of faith and became a franchise partner with Wow 1 Day Painting. Her drive and dedication gave her the opportunity to start her own business, which she has always dreamed about. She is committed to giving her customers the best experience while leading her team to success. She is kind and bountiful towards everyone she meets. She oftentimes spends her extra time giving back to the community through helping nonprofit organizations and volunteering. She has encouraged and motivated others to chase their dreams even if they do not seem obtainable. Her exuberant personality, bold attitude, and vibrant demeanor truly describe the characteristics of a natural born leader and most of all a badass. “

Why do you think it’s important to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements in our community?

Amy: It is important to celebrate women’s achievements so young girls can see that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. Being a woman should not hold you back from achieving your dreams. If you have grit, determination, and want it bad enough, you will succeed.

What’s been your greatest challenge and your greatest reward in your professional career?

The greatest challenge in my career was believing I could be successful when all my peers were men. The only person holding me back was me and when I realized I could be a wife, mother, and a successful business leader, that is when my career really took off. My greatest reward has always been the success of the people and teams I have managed. I have been lucky enough to work with the smartest and hardest working people. I have learned so much from them.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a young woman just starting out in her career?

I was given advice early in my career that seemed too simple to be true. It turns out it was the best advice I have ever received, and I use it daily in both my personal and professional life. The advice was, “There are two things you need to do to be successful; tell the truth and follow up.” When you fail and you’re truthful about your failure, people will respect you. Fall down, learn from your mistake, and rise stronger. If you follow up when you say you will, people will know you’re dependable. If you commit to doing this every day, everything else will fall into place.

Holli Arnett

Your Neighbor Magazine

“Holli is an amazing woman. It doesn’t matter if you have known her for five years or five minutes, she treats you with care and kindness. She works hard owning her own business but always finds time to be completely invested in her community. She goes above and beyond for anyone and does it with a smile.”

Why do you think it’s important to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements in our community?

Holli: Women over time have been the backbone, the old saying used to be “behind every great man is a great woman.” Well now, women can be celebrated for their accomplishments, creating new paths to make the world a better place. Inspiring the younger generation of women, showing them there are no barriers. They can do and be whatever they want to be, now more than ever.

What’s been your greatest challenge and your greatest reward in your professional career?

Work/Life balance and time management is my been my biggest challenge and something I struggle with everyday. But, my greatest reward is my relationships with clients and friends. It fills my heart to do good and to be a connector, consultant and motivator for those around me. It’s been so rewarding to see business and personal growth.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a young woman just starting out in her career?

My advice to someone starting out is, work harder and smarter than what is expected. Make your bed everyday, so you start off your day accomplishing something. Be professional, when you walk out the door be the best you can be every single day. Dress for success, it helps keep your head in the game and your eye on the prize. Try to make a difference in whatever you do, you never know what life has in store for you and what is around the corner.

Kate Herrlinger

Arvada Police

“Kate has led the City of Arvada’s Investigation team as a Sergeant for many years. She is ranked one of our highest Sergeants with outstanding leadership skills. This team achieves endless distinctions for solving complicated and difficult cases. Kate also volunteers as a lead on the APD for peer advocates, with SROs and various other roles.”

Jamie Poeling

Dream Dinners

“Jamie has had to endure, rise to a challenge and completely adapt her business. She took a huge leap of faith bought a business, moved it to Arvada only to have her Grand opening canceled due to Covid. During that time she had to completely re-adapt her business model in order to stay open during the most difficult of times. Jamie Poeling, my sister is a Badass!!”

What’s been your greatest challenge and your greatest reward in your professional career?

Jamie: “My greatest challenge was getting over my I am not capable attitude. I had dreams of owning my own business since I was younger and it was not till I was 47 that I finally did it. My greatest reward is just being able to serve my community. I love helping people get dinner on the table but I also love encouraging other small business owners to achieve their dreams.”

Ally Skiba

Electric Cherry Shop + Studios

“Ally opened her business right before COVID-19 Pandemic started and has continue to keep her shop that highlights local women artisans open and thriving. She partners with School of Rock Broomfield to encourage their young women artists. She is a pillar of the Olde Town community and continues to strive to make Olde Town and Arvada great.”

Why do you think it’s important to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements in our community?

Ally: “It’s incredibly important to celebrate women taking risks, especially within career pursuits, nonprofit efforts, and community focused activation. By acknowledging the hard work it takes to break the mold and lead with ambition, we further that train of thought. It starts with one woman, and then becomes a tribe of women making a difference in local communities. The progression of female led activation is limitless. We are the future.”

What’s been your greatest challenge and your greatest reward in your professional career?

“Upon opening up a small business focused on supporting the arts, I never imagined a global pandemic would hit two months later. That was the initial hurdle, has continued to be, and now all I know as a brick and mortar shop owner. It’s my normal. There’s something to be said about innovation though. Staying creative and humble has been the foreground of Electric Cherry Shop + Studios. Telling the story of local artisans is my joy. Being a hub for the collective EC has become is my everyday reward. Olde Town, Arvada welcomed a first time entrepreneur with open arms and I know that’s a huge reason Electric Cherry has made it through the past two years.”

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a young woman just starting out in her career?

“It took me a great while to get out of my own way and follow my dreams. There was always a reason why I couldn’t achieve my truth. Separating fear from determination has been huge for my career growth as an entrepreneur. If you have a dream, water it. Plant the seeds, but don’t forget tending to it is what keeps it in bloom. You are capable of writing your own story. Now go do it!”

Trang Pham


“Trang is the definition of a rising star here at Barber-Nichols and in the community. She came into the business in 2018 as our Assistant Controller and rose quickly to a Corporate Controller. She’s been instrumental in growing Barber-Nichols through an acquisition and creating a robust Accounting team to support onsite functions. She’s brought this company to whole new level of success that ultimately helps with Barber-Nichols success. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without her!”

Jill Ibeck

Jeffco Public Schools

“Jill is the first female Chief Information Officer for Jeffco Public Schools serving the technical needs of the 2nd largest school district in Colorado having over 80k students and 13k employees, many of which reside in Arvada. Originally from central Illinois, Jill has lived in Colorado for 16 years, half of which have been spent in Arvada.

An open member of the LGBTQ+ community, Jill is proud to represent people of minority status in her everyday work and through local and national volunteerism. Jill has dedicated the majority of her career in information technology working for community colleges, K12 education, and higher education. Her personal experience is shaped from being in a male dominated industry since 1999 and therefore, is an avid supporter of closing the gender gap within STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Jill has spearheaded Girls Who Code clubs within higher education and helped to host a technical conference this past January which was attended by over 200 Jeffco high school students. This same conference strives to continue to grow the cohort of students that identify as female for years to come.

Jill also dedicates volunteer time to the Ralston House, a local organization providing services and education to prevent child abuse. Additionally, Jill has spent time volunteering for the Arvada Festivals Commission and has spoken on behalf of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a female leader.”

Tonia Martinez

Career Transformations

“Tonia is the definition of a dedicated community leader. She is hard-working, intentional, thoughtful, results-oriented, and organized. She has a heart for others – and serves others- while maintaining a busy home and work life.

Tonia is involved in so many things, which makes her a great leader and a wonderful person to chat with and glean insight from. She’s the CEO of her own company, Career Transformations. She serves as a volunteer moderator for an active Arvada Chamber B2B group, which she helped to start. Tonia is involved in many non-profits throughout the region… she sits on the Board of Directors at Focus Points Family Resources Center, has helped build beds for a nonprofit called Sleep in Heavenly Peace and assisted fire families in accessing resources when the Marshall Fires struck.”

Julia Jo Vitanyi

Arvada Neighbors and Jeffco Angels

“Julia is a phenomenal part of the Arvada community. She invests so much time to support others in need. Julia organizes community events to support families. Julia gives more than she ever takes and is an outstanding community member. “

Chief Deanna Harrington

Arvada Fire Protection District

“Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Chief Deanna Harrington is a highly educated, highly motivated female leader in a traditionally male dominated line of work. Chief Harrington consistently achieves hard fought positive outcomes with her team’s work in the community.

More frequently than ever before the Arvada Fire Protection District personnel are called to assist citizens in navigating seemingly impossible social situations which puts her team on the front lines of tackling difficult problems for people that often feel they have nowhere else to turn other than to call 911. The compassion and empathy that she shows to each and every individual she encounters in these situations is nothing short of impressive. Her team emulates those same values that she demonstrates regularly; and together they are making a real difference in people’s lives every single day.

In addition to the 911 response components of her position that I mentioned above, she is responsible for the public information section of the District and coordinates a myriad of preventative and educational programs to citizens of every age group you can imagine. I’m proud to work with her and honored to nominate her to be recognized by the community she serves.“

Loren Naftz

Rheinlander Bakery

“She has been running the bakery for three years now and took over last March. She is also a mother of one son and is expecting another this September. Loren has continually volunteered across Arvada her whole career and has carried on the philanthropy of the Bakery with fundraising for the Red Cross and the Boulder fire relief funds to name a couple. Loren is also an avid rock/ice climber and loves to blast down the slopes on a snowboard.”

Lisa Straight

Apricot Lane Arvada

“Where to start, I could probably go on for days! I am an employee of hers at Apricot Lane. She opened this business in May 2021, and even though a pandemic hit all small businesses hard, she saw that olde town arvada needed more retail to help grow this incredible community. When she hired me, she was always so honest, transparent, and supportive. She is like a mother figure to all the team and she challenges all the young girls who work here to try their hardest and push themselves to be the best version of themselves. We all love how she is sassy and fun, coming into the boutique is never dreaded, its a job that we all want to come to (which is getting harder to find!)

She is like any person, she still has struggles, hard days, but she faces them head on and shows all of us its ok to ask for help. She also supports any other business she comes across, taking us to local restaurants for team meetings and recommending places all over olde town. She sees only the people who own the small businesses and gives them her heart and often time a lot of her money haha because she knows thats what its all about! Shopping small!

She also really got us involved in the local women’s abuse shelter (donating clothing etc), we volunteered as a team at the overdose awareness event in Denver(had a customer who lost her nephew to overdose) and soon to be doing a Marshall fire Victims event. She really opens our eyes to the world’s heartbreaking problems that sometimes we just overlook because it doesn’t effect us.

I like that she is like a teacher to us as well. And actually on that note she is a substitute teacher multiple times a week to help schools in the area! She is an entrepreneur and once she trained us to be efficient, energized and passionate about the boutique she started planning more local events and looking into more options to grow with the community.

Its awesome having a woman owned business owner, and not only that but she is also a minority woman and is an incredible role model for the girls here. (most of us are minorities as well!) If you haven’t heard the name Lisa Straight before, you will soon enough, because she is going to make waves in the community growth, stand up for what she believes, support local businesses, nonprofits and incredible organizations, and show how big her heart is. I’m so lucky to have her in my life, and now, olde town is too.”

Alicia Svaldi

Faustson Tool Corp

“I had the pleasure of meeting Alicia about 3 years ago. After I began working for Alicia, it became very clear just how lucky I was that our paths crossed. Alicia Svaldi is one of the strongest and most caring bosses I have ever had. I remember one of the 1st conference calls I sat in on, it was with an out of state sales team and Alicia and I were the only women on the call. I felt like they kept asking her questions thinking she wouldn’t know the answer, as Alicia is one of the very, very few manufacturing business owners. Towards the end of that call, a man asked Alicia a question about a machine, Alicia kindly answered his question by letting him know the machines do not run that way, and we both laughed after we hung up. Aside from being a badass business owner, Alicia is truly just an amazing boss. Alicia has a team of machinists who have been with her over 20 years, which says so much about her. When she is not running a successful business, Alicia dedicates her time to the City of Arvada which she is very passionate about and at the end of the day the most important thing to Alicia is her family. I am nominating Alicia Svaldi because to me she is truly an inspiration to women of all ages. “

Kim Gieseler

Valorem Financial

“Kim stands out with her commitment to helping others specifically women excel in their finances and her impact in the community by being part of many organizations to name a few below. She has passion and gives her time and/or donates to such organizations as Patrick Straut Foundation, Economic Literacy Colorado program, Metropolitan State University Scholarship endowing a scholarship for finance students. Being a leader in the Financial Industry arena and making a difference in people’s lives. The way she handles each person with respect and how she guides her clients, teams and partners with respect and kindness while keeping in mind how to elevate them to be their very best makes her a Badass Women of Arvada.”

Lauren Simpson and Lisa Smith

Arvada City Council

”It’s pretty cool that we have two under-40 women representing the city, bringing the perspectives and voices of a new generation to the forefront. Moreover, they don’t focus only on the work of the council but on the larger community and how they can serve it. Partnering with the Arvada Resiliency Taskforce to raise $69,000 for the Marshall Fire Victims in just one example. Lisa made free hand sanitizer in her back yard for local businesses during the pandemic, while Lauren organized a diapers and baby supplies drive for Hope House.”

Sybil Cummin

Arvada Therapy Solutions

“Sybil Cummin is the owner and clinical director of Arvada Therapy Solutions, a group practice providing mental health services to residents in Arvada and beyond. She has become a leader in the Colorado Medicaid mental health system, advocating for better access to mental healthcare for Coloradans. Her work on this matter has been published on 9News and the Colorado Sun. When our neighbors in Superior shared the ongoing struggles of Marshall Fire victims, Sybil made herself and her team available pro bono to help – when they already had and have very full caseloads. We need more leaders (and badass women) like her in Arvada. Plus she is an amazing mom to two boys, and lives and works in Arvada.”

Abbey Reedy

Denver Beer Company Arvada

“Abbey has served as general manager of DBC Arvada for nearly four years now. In recent months, she has even been promoted to GM of Platte Street DBC and Cerveceria Colorado. She has proven to continually rise to the challenge, particularly during COVID. Our metrics show that not only have sales maintained during 2021, they’ve actually improved. She has had nearly zero turnover since the start of the pandemic, and it’s truly because everyone respects the badass leader she is.“

Kiara Kuenzler

Jefferson Center

“Kiara continuously emphasizes the importance of community connectedness and consistent access to mental health services for residents of Arvada and the surrounding areas. She shows incredible leadership as the CEO at Jefferson Center, actively committed to community-driven action and advocacy, promoting a culture of wellness, responsiveness, and engagement for everyone who works at Jefferson Center (which translates to interactions with every person or community Jefferson Center touches), and market-based service expansion and innovation.”

Raven Faber


“Raven Faber officially launched EngErotics, which develops and manufactures intimacy devices and CBD body care products in July 2016. She continues to combat the misrepresentation of what empowered intimacy looks like as it infiltrates many aspects of mainstream media and technology.”

Why do you think it’s important to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements in our community?

Raven: Women get stuff done every day in business but we’re not recognized nearly enough for our labor, contributions, and hard work. Women receive a fraction of the investment funding that our male counterparts are offered regularly and, when women pitch their businesses, it’s often in front of a panel of male investors and/or judges who aren’t in touch with anything femme-centric. This cannot stand and this must change. It’s clear that taking a seat at a table that was never intended for us is a fruitless effort, therefore, we must continue to build our own.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a young woman just starting out in her career?

Raven: You are your own best advocate! Never be afraid to advocate for yourself in the workplace and out in the world. If something feels wrong to you, it is and you should most definitely speak up for yourself and hold others accountable at every turn.

Tessa Drinnan

TD Forensics LLC

“Tessa, mother of 3, started her Arvada based Forensic Engineering firm, TD Forensics LLC, 7 1/2 years ago. In a world of men, she is often the lone female in the crowd. TD Forensics has a substantial client list from all over the US including MT, WY, TX, FL, NM, as well some legal firms where she appears as an expert witness in the courts. In addition to running her business she attended School of Mines and received her masters in Civil Engineering last year (2021). In 2022 she has started teaching 2 classes at the School of Mines. “

Julie Hines

Apex Park and Recreation District

“Julie is the glue that holds Apex together. Julie manages the Guest Services operations and helps solve all of the problems as it relates to our registration system. She always has a fun attitude and greets guests with a smiling face. She is so fun to work with and truly loves Apex customers. She has worked for Apex for over 20 years and exemplifies the Arvada spirit!”

Why do you think it’s important to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements in our community?

Julie: I am a life long Arvada resident and believe it is important to celebrate women of all backgrounds. I love living and working in Arvada and am proud of what all of the ladies of this town accomplish.

What’s been your greatest challenge and your greatest reward in your professional career?

Julie: My greatest challenge has been working with difficult managers who do not support your professional growth. My greatest reward and accomplishment is starting the Therapeutic Recreation program at Apex over 20 years ago. In those 20 years we have served thousands of people with disabilities and created recreation opportunities Arvada’s special needs population.

Rylee Dunn

Colorado Community Media/Arvada Press

“Rylee truly loves Arvada and you can see it in her writing. Her stories about Arvada are powerful and elegant, just like she is. You can always see Rylee in the community of Arvada interacting with the public and making sure all angles of the stories that she is covering. I have never seen a journalist care so much about their community. Rylee truly is one of the most Badass Women of Arvada.”

Why do you think it’s important to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements in our community?

Rylee: Visibility, representation and recognition are important! Women are currently and historically undervalued and under-appreciated in our society, which often leads to our achievements flying under the radar or not getting credited to us. Making a conscious effort to recognize women’s achievements helps to correct that and moves us towards becoming a more equitable community.

What’s been your greatest challenge and your greatest reward in your professional career?

Rylee: Covering tragedies in the community — such as the Olde Town shooting last summer — takes an emotional toll. I love Arvada, and it’s hard to see it suffer through tragedy. At the same time, watching the community rally, celebrating the lives of folks who have passed and forging meaningful connections with sources — who eventually become friends — shows the resiliency of this city and part of what makes it so wonderful. The people I get to meet and talk with each and every day are the greatest reward of my work.

Genesis Rodriguez

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient
“Kick-Butt Young Woman of Arvada”

“Genesis is a current Senior student at Pomona High School and she recently earned the prestigious Girl Scout Gold Award for encouraging more Latin and female aligned diversity in the STEM field by creating a bilingual program with activities and resources to help introduce more households to STEM, especially in the Hispanic community.

She worked endlessly for the last 2 years, developing and hosting events locally and globally in order to test and create these resources. Throughout the progression of this meticulous process Genesis showed great confidence as well as amazing leadership and organization skills, while also attending her Senior year, preparing for College and overcoming all the many different challenges the pandemic presented.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award in the organization (comparable to the Boy Scouts’ Eagle Scout) and in order to be approved for it, the recipient must meet certain requirements, show all their work as well as preparing a presentation in front of a respected board of community members and Girl Scout staff/alumni, who ultimately vote and make the final decision. The Gold Award is an honor she will carry for life and I’m very proud of her accomplishments and wish her all the success she deserves!!”

Why do you think it’s important to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements in our community?

Genesis: I feel that one of the most important reasons to highlight women’s achievements is to make sure they get the proper recognition and inspire more positive change in the future. By recognizing these achievements, we give credit where it is due and represent women in different areas (ex: careers, films, etc). By sharing these achievements, it encourages others to set out and change the world as well. It’s inspiring to see someone like you representing, and to know that making a change is possible and important.

What’s been your greatest challenge and your greatest reward?

Genesis: My greatest accomplishment in GS would be earning my Gold Award (the highest and most prestigious award in the GS program). I designed/hosted 5 virtual events and created a document with ways to maintain an interest in STEM (through book recommendations, websites, activities, role models, advice, etc). In addition, I made a curriculum that included the outline I used for my events (so that they could easily be recreated), activities for elementary-high school ages, an outline for both virtual & in-person events, Spanish translations, ways to maintain interest in STEM, and tips while running/planning the event. My curriculum is now being sustained with local, national, and international organizations.

All 2021 Badass Women of Arvada Nominees

Savannah Albertsen, Arvada Rent-Alls
Brooke Ballantyne, Olive Avenue Interiors
Kelly Bianucci, The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver
Dara Bitler, FOX31
Gabriella Bommer, City of Arvada
Jessica Branaugh Krankota, Parker Personal Care Homes
Tiffany Burnside, Serenity Salon
Stacey Bushaw, Remax
Lisa Carr, The Flower Shack
Kris Charland, Victim Outreach Inc
Mollie Coniglio, Digital Space Management
Jessica Cowden, Jessskincare
Julie Dawson, Val-U-Ads
Karissa Devore, Colorado Book Drop
Amber DiPentino Mist
Lori Drienka, Eli Ashby Healing Arts and Carly’s Boutique
Jessica Dunbar, Jefferson Center
Maggie Fast, West + Main Homes
Jill Fellman, Arvada Community Food Bank Foundation

Chelsea Garner, Chelsea Garner Photography LLC
Rachel Giamanco, Griffis Blessing
Jean Gordon, Visit Arvada
Jennifer Griffin, Victim Outreach Inc
Amber Havekost, The Purposed Sailor, LLC
Rebekah Hernandez, Arvadans For Progressive Action
Meagan Holcomb, Molise Italian Studies
Sharon Israel, City of Arvada
Vanessa Kendrick, New Era Group at Your Castle Real Estate
Kathy Kuehn, Lutheran Medical Center
Kiara Kuenzler, Jefferson Center
April Lambatos, Footers Catering/Social Capitol
Analisa Lope, Analisa Lopez Nutrition
Abby McDaniel, Abby McDaniel Team with Spire Financial
Susan McKellips, Lutheran Medical Center
Katy Mullings, Serenity Salon
DeeAnna Osborne, The Barking Lot
Stephanie Paul, City of Arvada
Stephanie Riddo, Knead The Bakery
Hillary Roemersberger, Apex Park and Recreation District

Dr. Jana Royer-Morian, Inspired Wellness Center
Stephanie Schiemann, Jefferson Center
Monica Schnetter, Barber-Nichols
Nina Sloan, Rocky Mountain Martial Arts – Front Range
Sarah Splettstosser, Rejuvenating Rex
Deb Starkey, Deb Starkey Coaching
Amber Stevens, Boundless Body and Wellness
Tina Stuckey, Aspen Mortuaries
Becki Taylor, Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado
Sam Taylor, Jefferson Center
Nicki Thompson, Colorado Urban Living – RE/MAX Alliance
Maria Vitale, Real Estate Agent
Julia Walker Guiterrez, Hope Connection Community Non Profit
Nicole Weber, Colorado Health Institute
Heather Wilson, Arvada Triathlon Company, LLC
Katie Winner, For the Win Communications

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