Talent Pipeline Management: Solving for Machinists, Quality Inspectors, and Engineers 

May 23, 2024

By Kylie Parks, Arvada Chamber Director of Talent Pipeline Development

The Metro West Advanced Manufacturing Alliance’s Workforce Action Team has officially launched the Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) survey to address the needs for machinists, quality inspectors, and engineers.

Kratos Industries, TTM Tech, Sundyne, WellMaster, and Barber-Nichols have begun providing details on their projected workforce recruitment needs for the coming year. Below are the aggregated results of their needs.

Why is this information important?

We believe that data drives decision-making. TPM takes a demand-driven approach to workforce development. By aligning the talent pipeline with the specific needs of employers, the talent system becomes more responsive to market demands, reducing skills gaps and ensuring that individuals are equipped with the right skills for available job opportunities.

How does TPM Work?

Talent Pipeline Management

Talent Pipeline Management is an approach to workforce development that aims to align the skills of the workforce with the needs of employers. The concept was developed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation as a strategy to address the skills gap and improve the connection between education and the workforce. In traditional workforce development models, there can be a disconnect between the skills that job seekers possess and the skills that employers need. TPM seeks to bridge this gap by fostering collaboration between employers, education and training providers, and other stakeholders. Learn more in this TPM overview.

Next Steps

  1. Central Job Descriptions: We will create comprehensive job descriptions for each role, as defined by the participating employers.
  2. Workforce Sources: We will identify where the workforce will come from, based on internal data and partners that can meet the employers’ needs.


Employers and placement partners will collaborate to establish training and placement agreements, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome:

  • For Employers: No more ‘post and pray’ for talent.
  • For Training Partners: Direct connections with employers committed to hiring from their programs, reducing the time to find employers after training completion.

If this innovative talent recruitment process interests you for your industry, we’d be happy to provide more details. Please contact me directly at kylie@arvadachamber.org to learn more.

B.O.L.D. 2026 is a five-year regional economic strength and resiliency initiative of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber developed BOLD 2026 in consultation with private and public sector leaders and partners in Arvada, Jefferson / Adams Counties, Metro Denver and the state of Colorado. One goal of B.O.L.D. 2026 is to grow our talent to meet the needs of employers and job seekers.


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