Inspiring Women Member Spotlight: Wendy Quiles & Heather Bertelson, Maia Primary Care & Wellness

August 03, 2022

Maia Primary Care & Wellness

Wendy Quiles and Heather Bertelson, owners and physicians at Maia Primary Care & Wellness

Tell us more about you and/or your business:

We started our own medical clinic for professional autonomy so that we can provide the kind of care we want for ourselves and our loved ones. Our biggest challenge has been getting the word out about our practice and explaining the value in this type of care model. We already see a positive impact in our patients’ lives. They appreciate this model of care as they get more time with us to discuss their questions and collaborate with us to achieve their care goals.

What keeps you motivated?

Passion. We are passionate about medicine and helping others improve their health.

Maia Primary Care & Wellness

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Giving our patients the knowledge and essential tools to care for their own health and working with them as their teammate and advocate to achieve their health goals.

What exciting things are happening for your business this year?

We hope to collaborate with businesses in the area to provide their employees primary care in addition to the services we already offer.

Describe your ideal business partner.

Someone that handles all the IT, Digital and Taxes stuff for us! We appreciate BlendWorks Digital Marketing, Sara Arnold (CPA) and RevLocal very much!

What is a piece of career advice that has served you well?

We were very frustrated with our previous jobs corporate structure and rules and discussed it with Wendy’s dad over dinner one night. He essentially told us to move up the ladder and make the changes we wanted instead of complaining about it. In a way we did that – we started our own company.

What have you found valuable about being of member of this group?

Connecting with so many other business owners, networking, advice, support and friendship. Yes – we definitely recommend the group!

Are there any current trends or changes in your industry that would help small businesses, consumers or anyone else in your target market?

Yes! Direct primary care is a growing model of primary care where patients and businesses can save money!


Maia Primary Care & Wellness |

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