Watch “Ballots and Breakfast” Forum, Featuring All School Board Candidates + Ballot Measures Overview

October 20, 2023

This year, Arvada ballots will include city council elections and school board elections, as well as two statewide ballot measures: Proposition II and Proposition HH. Last month, the Arvada Chamber hosted a forum to meet our city council candidates. At our second election forum on October 20, “Ballots and Breakfast,” we heard a breakdown of the two ballot measures and met all five school board candidates.

Below, find a video recording of the event, photos, and additional resources. Election day is November 7, 2023!

Video and Presentation:

School Board Candidates:

Director District 3 (starting at 4:15 of the video)

Director District 4 (starting at 18:20 of the video)

Ballot Measures:

Prop HH (starting at 46:11 of the video)

Prop II (starting at 1:04:00 of the video)

Additional Resources:


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