B.O.L.D. 2026
Key Accomplishments


Goal: Grow our talent to meet the needs of employers and job seekers.


Goal: Increase the stock of workforce housing to ensure workers can attain housing within reasonable proximity to their jobs.


Goal: Increase childcare capacity to enable caregivers to join / rejoin the workforce and give children the quality early learning experience they need to thrive.


Goal: Ensure elected leaders effectively represent business interests in legislative and policy matters at the local, regional, state and national levels.


Goal: Increase our ability to provide direct one-on-one support and broader collective resources to all businesses.


Launched the Advanced Manufacturing Sector Partnership | April 2023

Developing sector partnerships is a critical part of the B.O.L.D. 2026 initiative, as the Arvada Chamber works to catalyze a coordinated regional approach to meet talent needs. Advanced Manufacturing is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in our region, making it a priority for our community to gather leaders to create solutions that are trend-driven by the industry itself. Learn more.

Completed the Work-Based Learning Toolkit | May 2023

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with an action team of education, business and non-profit partners, created this Work-Based Learning Toolkit to help guide businesses through the terminology, data, roles, benefits, and action steps of work-based learning (WBL). WBL connects local students and adults with businesses in an intentional way to engage in real-world work experiences. This equitable, flexible approach to hands-on industry experience is designed to upskill the community’s talent pipeline to directly serve the academic, technical and social needs of the local economy. Learn more.

Launched the Construction & Trades Sector Partnership | August 2023

This initiative aligns with the B.O.L.D. 2026 plan, where the Arvada Chamber is committed to fostering a well-coordinated regional strategy to address talent requirements. Given that the Construction field is a major and rapidly expanding sector in our locality, it has become imperative for our community to assemble leaders who can collectively devise solutions in line with industry trends. Learn more.

Launched the G.R.O.W. Jeffco Work-Based Learning Workshop to increase business engagement in Work-Based Learning | September 2023

The Arvada Chamber partnered with the Jeffco Business and Workforce Center and Jeffco Public Schools to launch our first Work-Based Learning Workshop. The focus of the workshop was to support businesses in exploring, engaging, and expanding work-based learning within their organization. Learn more.

Supported the opening of four Career Hubs in Jeffco Schools | September 2023

Career Hubs have launched at four Jeffco High Schools over the past year through G.R.O.W. (Get Ready for Opportunities to Work) Jeffco efforts developed in collaboration with Jeffco Public Schools and the Arvada Chamber of Commerce. Career Hubs were designed to accomplish a system solution with the equitable engagement of partners across the education-to-employment pipeline. Our collective goal is to implement 20 career hubs across Jeffco to reach 30,000 students and 2,500 employers, year-over-year. This initiative addresses the misalignment of school-to-career preparation and is a critical component of our Talent work in B.O.L.D. 2026. Learn more.

Launched HR Leader Cohort | December 2023

The Arvada Chamber hosted a Human Resource Professionals Cohort kick-off at Barber-Nichols on Monday, December 11. The event hosted nine HR leaders from diverse businesses across the Arvada region. Going beyond traditional networking, the HR Cohort offers a platform for the exchange of ideas, implementation of emerging practices, and leadership in revolutionizing HR strategies. Learn more.

Acknowledged for Career Hub efforts at the Jeffco Public Schools Board Meeting | February 2024

“Thank you to the Arvada Chamber for your commitment to our Jeffco schools and career pathways! Your partnership is a great representation of Our Communities: Our Legacy in Jeffco.”


Talent 2023 Reflections


Published the Employer Housing Toolkit | December 2023

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce created the Employer Housing Toolkit by using insights from economists, community catalyzers, real estate financiers, developers, state agencies, and Human Resources leaders across Jefferson County to guide employers in this employer housing toolkit on A) equipping their target and existing talent to secure attainable missing-middle housing and B) increasing the overall supply of housing in the region. Learn more.

Published Arvada Housing Supply Report with bi-annual updates | January 2024

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce continues to track the proximity of the city’s income-aligned housing inventory relative to where onsite jobs are generally located, by analyzing real time supply of 60-120% AMI (area median income) housing inventory for sale or rent by zip code. Learn more.

Launched Business Housing Advocate Program | March 2024

The B.O.L.D. 2026 Housing Initiative seeks to engage business and community leaders in awareness and advocacy efforts to increase access to housing for the region’s workforce. The lack of accessible and affordable housing for the workforce results in a smaller talent pool, difficulty with talent recruitment and retention, and economic instability due to effects from workforce challenges. A key element of this initiative includes advocacy and as a result, the Arvada Chamber launched the Business Housing Advocate Program for business leaders experiencing the impact of housing access on their workforce, recruitment and retention strategies, and economic success.  Learn more.

Provided Arvada Housing Strategic Plan Letter of Support at City Council Meeting | May 2024

On May 20, Arvada Chamber of Commerce Board Members attended the Arvada City Council Meeting to share support for the Arvada Housing Strategic Plan 2024 update. Arvada Chamber Board President, Vanessa Kendrick, provided the statement of support and identified areas of alignment and opportunity for future collaboration between the City and Chamber. The Arvada Housing Strategic Plan passed 4-1. Read more.

Launched Business Housing Advocate Workbook | June 2024

The Business Housing Advocate Workbook is a resource for any business leader, regardless of industry of business size. The workbook aims to help leaders understand how housing barriers affect their business, learn how to provide testimony, and develop their own narrative for future advocacy efforts. Business leaders play a crucial role in achieving this goal through advocacy and testimony at the local, regional and state levels. Through testimony, specifically, leaders can share their experiences and support policies and initiatives that improve housing access for the workforce. Learn more.

Employer Housing Toolkit


Won the Children's Champion Award from Triad Early Childhood Council | June 2023

The Arvada Chamber received the Triad Children’s Champion Award from the Triad Early Childhood Council, which represents public and private stakeholders engaged in collaborative planning and decision-making to improve quality, access, and equity outcomes for young children. Other winners recognized with the Chamber include Colorado EPIC, Kelly Varney (Jeffco Public Schools – Colorado) and Sweet Dream in a Bag.

Launch Family Friendly Workplace Certification Program with 5 pilot businesses | December 2023

In collaboration with Healthlinks, the Arvada Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to introduce the Family Friendly Workplace Certification Program! This innovative initiative aims to address workforce challenges by assisting Arvada regional businesses in attracting top talent.

This program involves three phases of certification. First, businesses complete an organizational survey on their family-friendly policies and practices and receives a customized evaluation. Then, businesses receive 1:1 consultation and resources, including employer toolkits, and trainings, to support and strengthen their family-friendly policies and practices. Finally, program businesses join a cohort of varying sizes and sectors to connect quarterly to learn about best practices and share updates. Learn more.

Hosted Family Child Care Home Provider Focus Group | January 2024

Hosted B.O.L.D. 2026 Childcare Summit with 30 attendees | February 2024

On February 28, the Arvada Chamber of Commerce hosted the B.O.L.D. 2026 Childcare Summit, a half-day event that explored innovative strategies, best practices, and regional resources addressing the critical issue of workforce childcare challenges. Learn more.

Talent 2023 Reflections


Won the Highest Achievement in Government Affairs Award from the Colorado Chamber of Commerce for our comprehensive advocacy strategy | October 2023

Through the B.O.L.D. 2023 initiative, Advocacy KAPS Council, the Jefferson County Business Lobby (JCBL), and consistent outreach to elected officials at all levels of government, the Arvada Chamber strives to stay informed on the latest policy developments while advocating for a strong local economy. Read 12 accomplishments from the Arvada Chamber in 2023 around pro-business advocacy and elected official engagement.


Launched the Voter Guide with 7,000+ views in the first year | October 2023

In 2023, Arvada ballots included city council elections and school board elections, as well as two statewide ballot measures: Proposition II and Proposition HH. We encouraged our local business community to review the outlined information and determine the impacts for their business. Learn more. 

Launched an education strategy for supporting employers in navigating new Colorado Laws | March 2024

The Q1 2024 Arvada Business Pulse Survey, which saw 143 responses, asked business leaders which Colorado laws they would like additional support around implementation. The Arvada Chamber has assembled explainer posts for the top five Colorado laws selected in the survey. Learn more.

Employer Housing Toolkit


Launched Size Up Arvada in Partnership with Arvada Economic Development Association | January 2024

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA), is pleased to announce SizeUp Arvada, a free online tool that makes powerful market research and business intelligence available to local businesses. Learn more.

Launched the Business Lunch & Learn Series | March 2024

View all upcoming Lunch & Learns here.

Talent 2023 Reflections

Latest B.O.L.D. 2026 Updates

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