2021 Q2 Business Challenges Survey Results

The Arvada Chamber and Arvada Resiliency Taskforce (ART) are committed to making sure we continue to understand and respond to business needs as we navigate through a full recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Q2 Business Pulse Survey assists us in the development of new programming and resources to help our business community thrive. This survey also incorporates questions from the Arvada Chamber’s annual business challenges survey. Feedback from this annual poll is shared with the Chamber’s board of directors and drives strategic planning on the most urgent initiatives.

The top challenges currently in 2021 include workforce, marketing, COVID-19 recovery, mental health and burnout, and lack of capital dollars. Based on 2021 results, the following resources have been added or will be coming soon:

Survey Demographics

COVID-19 Impact

While the overall impact of COVID-19 has decreased from Q1 to Q2, 29% of businesses still indicated that COVID-19 recovery is their top business challenge. We also understand that many of the top challenges, including Finding Skilled Employees (51%), Marketing Your Business (38%), Mental Health (21%) and Lack of Capitol Dollars, are associated with pandemic recovery.

2021 Business Challenges

For the second straight year, Finding Skilled Employees is the top challenge for businesses in Arvada. Hiring as the top challenge actually increased slightly from Q1 to Q2. Marketing Your Business was also the second-most challenge in the last annual survey. COVID-19 Recovery, Mental Health, and Lack of Capital Dollars, all impacts from the pandemic, are new additions to the top ten challenges.

Workforce Challenges

The number one workforce-related challenge for businesses is a shortage of interested people in open positions. The Arvada Chamber is committed to addressing this issue by making the Arvada Career Hub available to all businesses and non-profits. Additionally, we will be adding more promotion and exposure opportunities for this resource to expand the reach in the community.


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